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Playing Cards
Top quality Duplimate cards do not cost more when the higher quality, and hence longer life, is taken into account. c.f. examples of TCO calculation.

No Speed Limit
The mechanical speed of the Duplimate - 10 cards per second - is impressive. But more important is that the Duplimate is designed to give you maximum throughput year after year. A skilled operator prepares more than 10 sets of 32 boards per hour. See the Duplimate in action (video)

The Boards
You can use any type of boards, but for maximum speed and security we recommend the Duplimate board. The Duplimate board saves time and eliminates the risk that hands are misplaced. They are easy to use for the operator (the board opens and closes easily) and they stack nicely.

The deals
What can be dealt, can be duplimated. The Duplimate software gives you the following possibilities:
i. Random dealing (tournaments) by the algorithm used at all major championships.
ii. Duplication of hand shuffled decks.
iii. Reading of played hands (useful if you want hand records after a team match)
iv. Custom made hands (for classes)
v. Restricted dealing (e.g. 1 NT opening throughout)
vi. Import/export to/from a large number of deal file formats.

The deals are sealed by default. That is to say, the boards can be duplicated in a public space and/or by a player.

The machine cross-checks the output. That is to say, if the machine tells you that a duplicate is OK, it is OK. And, if an error is detected, the Duplimate tells you what went wrong. For example that it has found no spade nine, or that two spade nines were found (and where to find these nines). It also tells if you would insert the incorrect board no:

The duplmating procedure
Depending on how your boards are organized, you can set the machine to make e.g. 1-32 ten times. Or you can set it to make 10 copies of deal no. 1, before switching to deal no. 2. In either case you will end up with ten double-checked sets 1-32. Once you have the software set in the same way as the boards, you only have to feed in decks and take out duplicates. If a duplicating error is reported, the duplicate will automatically be rejected and replaced by a correct one. That is to say, you do not have to worry about the dealing.

A Duplimate is an expensive piece of equipment, but we do our best to keep the price down. The cost for superior player service is not as high as you might first think per table and session. You will find that the long lifetime of the machine makes the cost per board negligible.

The Duplimates durability makes it easy to trade in, or sell second hand, also after many years usage. The very first Duplimate, built in 1969 is still operational and there are many 20+ years old Duplimates in daily use in the UK.

You find the current prices in the Duplimate UK price list, but we suggest that you click here to email David Stead for more specific information and a quote. Please include the word Duplimate in the subject of your message so it does not meet an untimely end in the SPAM folder! Alternatively you can call, or send a letter, see Contact us for details.

More info
See the info page for more information and downloads